Monday, January 3, 2011

28mm French Aide-de-Camp Vignette

I composed this group to be placed immediately behind the artillery line. In Barry Hilton's 'Republic to Empire' he does an interesting thing by having his rules reflect to the correct depth of deployed artillery formations.  This is to say that with a deployed artillery battery the limbers, caissons and ammunition wagons could extend the depth of the formation to several hundred meters. In game terms this means that there is an actual purpose to all those lovely caisson models as they should be arrayed behind the gun line.

This vignette has one of my favorite models in the Perry range. The Aide de Camp resting his telescope over his horse's back is brilliantly subtle and is very reminiscent to several paintings by Detaille depicting these typically innocuous examples of day-to-day duty.

I have painted the observer as a member of Marshal Bertier's staff. His aides were the only ones which were allowed to wear scarlet trousers. This would have made them quite distinct from the multitude of other staff officers scurrying around within the Grande Armee. These young men would have been hand-picked for their skills as horsemen, fighters and diplomacy. Any general seeing one of these men ride up to them would know that these aides possessed the authority of the Emperor and they had the ability to chastise or even sack troublesome generals.

I have given Bertier's staff officer some company with another aide-de-camp and two artillery officers (one wounded and the other marking time with his pocket chronometer).

Here are a few shots of the vignette with an artillery base. Ultimately I will have similar groupings behind each gun base along with caissons/ammunition wagons trailing behind.

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