Sunday, February 12, 2012

28mm Napoleonic Artillery Casualty Marker

(Originally posted on the Home Page on Feb 2, 2012)
Here's another Napoleonic casualty marker I've made up. This one depicts a knocked-out French 12-pounder along with an unfortunate crewman and soldier. I plan to make more of these kind of vignettes to indicate damaged units, or particular spots that have seen hard fighting.

This is a relatively new 28mm resin and white metal set from Offensive Miniatures. The pack includes two separate models, but I cut them up, rearranged them to fit and added a Perry casualty to compose a larger scene.

A sobering scene, to be sure, but one I would assume to be fairly common during that period.

Next will be some more markers for my French infantry.


  1. Excellent work as usual - did you get my email about your Black powder amendments? Cheers

  2. Thanks David! Yes, I'll get you out a copy when we're closer to going 'live' with the rules.