Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Entries to The 'Spring-Thaw Napoleonic Painting Challenge'

Below are the participants and final scores for The Napoleonic Spring-Thaw Painting Challenge:

JohnM (134)
Curt: (124)

Greg (111)
Paul (67)

Sylvain: (9)
Tim: (4) 

The Challenge ran from Feb 1st to May 1st, 2011 and was kindly sponsored by Perry Miniatures.

Below you will find all the entries to the Painting Challenge. For more detail on any specific entry please refer to the main page and search on the painter's name.

Curt's 95th Rifles in Skirmish Order (19 points)

JohnM's Grenadier a Pied of the Old Guard & Ponsonby (28 points)

Greg's Austrian 10th Hussars (36 points)

Curt's Dismounted Dragoons (3 points)

Tim's British Command (4 points)

JohnM's Rifles and KGL Command (6 points)

Curt's French Dragoons (16 points)

PaulP's Prussian Cuirassiers (24 points)

Curt's French Command and Young Guard Skirmishers (12 points)


PaulP's Prussian Reserve Infantry (32 points)

Greg's Austrian Hussars (4 points)

PaulP's Bavarians and Prussian Command (11 points)

JohnM's French Carabiniers (16 points)

Greg's Austrian Dragoons (48 points!)

JohnM's British Foot Artillery (15 points)

Curt's French Voltigeurs (8 points)

JohnM's British Heavy Dragoons (24 points)

Curt's 42pdr Rocket Section (6 points)


Curt's British 1st Regt KGL Light Dragoons - 28mm Perry & Foundry (20 points)

Curt's French 2nd Btn of the 2e Ligne - 28mm Foundry/Victrix (22 points)

Greg's Austrian Jaegers - 28mm Foundry (12 points)

JohnM's Austrian IR Vukassovich - 28mm Front Rank (20 points)

Greg's Austrian 6pdr Artillery Sections -  28mm Foundry (11 points)

Sylvain's Russian Smolensk Battalion - 28mm Victrix (9 points)

Curt's French and British Pioneer Stands - 28mm Perry, Foundry, Victrix and Sash and Saber (12 points)

JohnM's 10e Cuirassiers - 28mm Perry (16 points)

 JohnM's British RHA Rocket Battery - 28mm Old Glory (9 points)

Curt's French 6pdr Artillery Section - 28mm Perry Castings (6 points)