Monday, January 3, 2011

28mm Brigade Command Stand

This is a brigade-level command stand for use in any of the 'Big Battalion' rulesets. Castings are from the Perry twins. I differentiate command level by number of figures (2=Brigade, 3=Divisional, 4=Corps). Though these are certainly beautiful sculpts one thing I found odd with these two are that they are significantly larger than many of the other mounted figures in the range. I had to mix and match them together so the proportions to one another would not look out of whack.

I particularly like the infantry colonel's model as his horse is rearing back slightly to which he is leaning back to compensate to the horse's movement. Subtle but evocative of the period painting.

I've based these on metal discs sourced from a fellow in the UK. Like all my other units I use metal as I like the lower profile of the base, the added weight it gives to plastic models and since I use texture gel it does not warp like wood often does.

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