Monday, January 3, 2011

28mm French Dragoons (1st Regiment)

This unit depicts the 1st Regiment of Dragoons. It gave good service for Davout at Austerlitz and in 1811 was remodeled into the 1st Chevau-Leger Lanciers (a future project it would seem...).

These are Perry plastic models which are fantastic. The poses and animation are great and I particularly like the horses. Too bad they are so light (I've always been partial to the heft of metal). Nonetheless, with these new plastic boxed sets of cavalry there is finally a way for players to field large units of cavalry without breaking the bank.

I have another 8 models sitting on the painting desk which will bring this unit up to a fairly beefy size.


  1. Superb,
    I'm trying to resist jumping into 28mm Naps with the new plastics

  2. Thanks! This was a fun unit to build.

    Yes, the plastic cavalry sets are particularly great for the hobby as it allows many to cheaply (well, relatively) build cav regiments which would have otherwise been too cost prohibitive.