Wednesday, January 5, 2011

28mm British Line Infantry (aka The beginnings of Colborne's Brigade)

Here are a couple British battalions I painted up for a recent 'Black Powder' game that I thought I'd post. My long term plan is to build Colborne's ill-fated brigade of four battalions which was over-run by Polish lancers and French hussars at the battle of Albuera (with a near 70% casualty rate). The first unit shown below is the 2nd battalion of the 31st (The Huntingdonshires) which was the only battalion of the brigade that managed to form square before Latour-Maubourg's cavalry hit. Twenty four of the figures were previously painted and based from ages ago, but I  rebased them, added a fresh colour party, a mounted officer and some additional casualty figures to flesh it out.

The next battalion is a completely new addition to the collection: it is the 2nd battalion of the 48th (The Northamptonshires). Like the 31st this unit was also mauled by the Polish lancers, but rallied and then endured a protracted firefight with a French brigade. It lost over 400 men during the action. Poor buggers.

Both of these units are composed of venerable Foundry castings (Perry sculpts). The excellent flags are from Rick "The Flag Dude" whose service I cannot recommend enough (to which a dedicated review will follow). I still need to add flank companies to both these battalions but that will have to wait for another day...

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