Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dismounted French Dragoons of the 18e Regiment

I was going to post some of my first 1914 Brits in greyscale but I really couldn't face any more monochrome this week so I'm going to run with these lads instead - all in their Napoleonic technicolour glory.

This batch of dismounted dragoons have been patiently sitting on my workbench, mostly done, for nearly a year now. They came as part of one of the Perry plastic boxed sets. I have quite a few of these in the parts bin and thought I should get some more fielded so to be better able to play Peninsular skirmish games. 

(Originally posted on the Home Page on July 30, 2012)
I already have the mounted version of the 18th Regiment done so I thought I'd have these troopers on foot in the same lurid-yet-marvelous pink facings. Sorry for the monopose, but I sort of got into a rhythm assembling these while listening to an audiobook and they all turned out a little cookie cutter. Oh well, I'll just have to do another batch in a few different poses so the whole group has a bit more variety.

'Proper' dragoon green can be a very tricky colour to achieve and for years I've had a hard time sourcing a decent shade. Recently I found that Foundry has an excellent 'Dragoon Green', all conveniently sorted into three levels of shading. A tad expensive but highly recommended. If memory serves I think I used Army Painter Quickshade on these boys as well...

I decided to paint the eyes on this group, which I normally eschew, but thought I would give it a go. Nope. Interesting, but way too much hassle for too little gain, especially when you see this stuff en mass and at about 4 feet away (that and I kinda suck at it and I'm just too bloody lazy).

Ok, next will be some test models of 1914 British for my greyscale project...

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  1. Great looking figures I have a similar group of around 15 to 20 but no dismounted elites from Connuisseur miniatures (same pose basically) Any word on your Food for powder amendments?